Ingredients & Equipment

Quality Ingredients

We carry well-known brands of wine and beer making ingredients. Our stock includes ready-to-use kits that contain everything you will need to make your own craftbeer or fine wine.

Here are examples of what we carry:

  • Brewer’s Best beer making kits
  • Adjunct, base, and specialty grains
  • Hops, yeast and other items
  • Wine kits from leading producers


We offer a wide range of wine and beer making equipment. We will stock equipment designed for the beginning libation maker, as well as equipment for more advanced brewer and winemakers.
For example, beginning wine and beer makers will most often choose small plastic buckets for fermenting their beverage. More advanced users may choose stainless steel fermenters or brew pots with larger capacities. Here are examples of what we carry:

  • Beer brewing equipment kits
  • PolarWare, BayouClassic, and Blichmann brewpots
  • New Italian made 5-gallon kegs
  • CO2 regulators and tanks
  • Italian glass carboys and Better Bottles
  • Portuguese floor corkers for home winemakers

Grain Sack Prices

We offer everyday low prices on 50 or 55 lbs of malt. In addition, quantity discounts are always available; making group buys hassle free and easy.

Revised Sack Prices

Chemicals, Sanitizers, and Miscellaneous

Grain Sacks

Hops, Yeast, Malt Extracts and Adjuncts